General Information

  1. 29 iPad Resources, Tutorials, and Guides Every Teacher Should Know About – numerous links to helpful information for educators using iPads in their classroom
  2. Langwitches Blog – Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano blogs about all types of sound educational pedagogy including use of apps in the classroom; definitely worth reading!
  3. iPad As . . . – excellent resource from EdTechTeacher; list of apps driven by specific learning goals that promote critical thinking.
  4. Teach Thru Technology – Paul Wagner blogs about a variety of apps; offers excellent information about how to use the apps

Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps: (Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating)

  1. Bloomin’ iPad by Kathy Schrock – iPad apps that target the various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  2. iLearn Technology – Kelly Tenkely’s iPad/iPod Touch App Bloom’s Taxonomy
  3. Teach with Your iPad – a wiki with a good collection of apps for each level of Bloom’s
  4. Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps – Following in Kathy Schrock’s and Kelly Tenkely’s footsteps, Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano has assigned iPad apps to the various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  5. Bloom’s Apps – this site lists lesson ideas and apps by grade level
  6. K-5 Apps for Remembering – Part 1 of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
  7. iPad Curriculum – search a list of apps by Bloom’s and grade level

Collections of Resources and Educational Apps:

  1. 39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom – links to fabulous resources
  2. iPad Lessons on Pinterest – a great collections of lessons for using iPads in the classroom from Lisa Johnson of TechChef4U
  3. iPad Apps and Lessons – my collection of links on Pinterest
  4. Digital Kindergarten – list of apps and posts about using iPads with kindergarten
  5. Apptivities – “It’s the application of the apps.” – a fabulous collection of lessons
  6. iPads in Art – nice look at how 2 art teachers are using iPads in their classes
  7. Teach With Your iPad – extensive collection of educational apps and tutorials
  8. iPads in the Classroom – another site by Kathy Schrock with her iPad presentations notes along with links to other iPad information sites
  9. iPad Curriculum – excellent reviews of several educational apps by Kelly Tenkel
  10. Apps in Education – a large collection of apps by subject
  11. iOS Teacher – a blog with app suggestions and comparisons
  12. MindLeap: Education Apps for Kids – detailed list of apps by subject and/or grade level
  13. APPitic – 1,300+ apps reviewed by Apple Distinquished Educators
  14. iPads for Education – Victoria, Australia government “iPads for Learning” government website; information on apps and tips for successful implementation
  15. iPad and iPod User Group Wiki – implementation information from Canby, OR
  16. iPad and iPod Blog – teaching ideas from Canby, OR
  17. iPad Schools – extensive collection of apps categorized by subject
  18. Digital Storytelling with the iPad – list of apps for digital storytelling along with app tutorials
  19. iPads in Education – a Ning with information and tips on implementing and iPad program
  20. iPads in Education (from the UK) – apps categorized by subject
  21. Lesson Plans Using Your iPad – from Tech & Learning
  22. Apps for Grades 3 and 4 – an excellent collection of apps for these grades
  23. Loaded and Ready to Roll – nice collection of categorized apps
  24. iOS in Education – great information from Lainie Rowell
  25. 10 Sites Supporting iPads in Education – links to other useful sites
  26. TCEA’s List of Recommended Apps – categorized by age and subject area
  27. The World in Your Pocket – a nice collection of apps for the classroom
  28. Best Kids Apps – app reviews for iPad, iPhone, and Android (not all are educational)
  29. Fun Educational Apps – a collections of apps by age level; scroll down to find by category
  30. Smart Apps for Kids – a dad’s collection of best educational apps for his children
  31. Best Apps for Kids – reviews by rating, age level and category
  32. Apps Worth Every Penny – a long list of apps for all levels and subjects

Apps for Middle and High School:

  1. Apps in Education – excellent collection of apps for all ages
  2. iPad Apps for MS – a small collection for this age group
  3. iPad Apps for HS – sorted by subject
  4. Teach With Your iPad – K-12 apps
  5. iPad Curriculum – search by subject and grade level

Tips and Tricks for the iPad:

  1. Top 10 iPad Tips and Tricks
  2. 50 Really Useful iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

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