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  1. Hi, I had found the “Snowy Selfie” pre-made activity and I can’t find it anymore. It was ready for the kids to add to their journal and the explanations. Can you help me?

    • Here’s the answer I got from Seesaw help: Unfortunately it’s not possible to layer images in Seesaw at this time. Students should be able to add labels or draw directly on a jpeg template.

      How did you do your background in the Snowy selfie?

      • The snowy selfie came from the Seesaw activities but I can’t find it in their list of activities created by them. I don’t think it actually had a background. I just had the students take the selfie photo then color over anything they didn’t want in the background.

        Form your answer that you received from Seesaw, I now think I know why the kids weren’t given an option to take a selfie for their western photo. I added a jpeg background with a western them. Since it can’t be layered, the camera option wasn’t even available! Thanks for letting me know!

        • Yes I know, Seesaw took it out of their activities and I don’t know why? Good thing you still had it. I thought the kind of wood behind the snowman was a background but I guess they would of put a template if so.

          I think you are right for the second part.
          They said they take the feedback very seriously and try too please the people and offer better possibilities.

          • Seesaw and Book Creator are SO good at listening to their users and they truly want to create something that works best for teachers. Think that’s why both of these tools are my absolute favorite to use with students!

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