Decimals and Fractions

Decimals and Fractions:

  1. Illuminations Decimals and Fractions – good interactive whiteboard activity to show equivalents of fractions, decimals, and percentages
  2. Decimal Squares Blackjack – practice adding decimals in the blackjack game
  3. Rope Tug – practice subtracting with decimals in this tug-of-war game
  4. Decimal Darts – practice with estimating and ordering decimals using a dart game
  5. Decimal Squares Speedway – multiply and round decimals
  6. BBC Schools Adding Decimals – an interactive video where student must add decimals in order to move on 
  7. Decimal Concentration – a concentration game to match shaded decimals
  8. Laser Beam – 3 different levels to practice working with decimals (rounding to nearest whole number and 2 levels of computations) 
  9. Place Value Strategy – involves strategy to decide where to place a numeral in order to have the highest value in play against a robot
  10. Find a Friend – choose level 3 for adding decimals; add to reach a target number (site says for grade 5 but can be used for 4th and possibly 3rd)
  11. Railroad Repair – add decimals to repair the railroad track
  12. Jelly Golf – use fractions to help play golf

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