1. Geometry Smart Shapes – identify basic shapes
  2. NLVM Congruent Triangles – drag line segments together to make congruent triangles
  3. BBC Shapes – categorize quadrilaterals and triangles
  4. BBC Angles – choose the correct angle to squirt the dog
  5. BBC 3-dimensional Shapes – good overview of shapes and nets; includes quizzes
  6. BBC Lines of Symmetry – for level KS3
  7. BBC Introduction to Transformations – for level KS3
  8. Sammy’s Symmetry Shuffle – 3 levels; includes rotation, scale and position
  9. Math Interactives – choose geometry
  10. Scholastic Study Jams – choose Geometry (lots of topics)
  11. Harcourt School Shapes – match solid with net
  12. Exploring Parallel Lines – guide the monkey to the store
  13. Shape Guess – choose polygons from the clues

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