Celebrating Dot Day in Music

bulletin board

Judy Holloway, our music teacher, celebrated International Dot Day by having students write “dot” music. They wrote musical patterns on a staff and shared with their classmates.

Dot dot doty dot

sing a dot

Mrs. Weth’s third grade class decided to write a song to be performed. Some children played instruments while others danced to the music. What fun!

Dot Song 2013 from Trinity Valley School on Vimeo.

QR Codes in Music

I wish you could have seen the excitement of our music teacher, Judy Holloway, when she discoverd the power of QR Codes! As a preface, some members of our co-curricular team dressed as the “Quick Response Team” for Halloween. We had QR codes on our backs that directed people to either our website or animoto videos of students. Mrs. Holloway had so much fun letting her students use her phone to “read” the codes (of course lower school students thought it was amazing!).

Mrs. Holloway’s 1st Animoto

The next day, Mrs. Holloway asked if I could meet with her to show her how to create her own QR codes. We started with Kaywa QR Code Generator, a great site to quickly create a code. Judy learned how to save the code as a picture and insert into a word document to print. But then we took it a step further. I showed Judy the Unitag website. This fun QR code generator allows you to personalize your code with colors, shapes, and more. We did a couple together. I went off to a conference and the next thing I know, Mrs. Holloway has created several animoto videos and QR codes. She placed the codes on her bulletin board so that parents can scan them as they wait for their children!

What a fun idea!

I am so excited to see how Mrs. Holloway is using this resource to share with our parents. But to me, the best part is watching Judy step out of her technology comfort zone. She has taken off with this! Way to go, Mrs. Holloway!

Celebrating International Dot Day 2012

What a fun day (and week) we have had celebrating International Dot Day! Music, art, library, and computer classes participated along with a couple of homeroom teachers. Every K-4 student received a certificate and a Dot candy (which was excitedly accepted!!). Here are just a few of the highlights.


Melissa Black, our creative art instructor, had fourth graders use Pointillism to make their mark on Dot Day. They loved using a variety of colors and tiny dots to make their paintings. First, second, and third graders chose a paper dot that was glued to drawing paper. Mrs. Black told them to use that dot as part of a bigger picture. Not everyone finished but I was amazed at how creative the students were!

Here’s what Judy Holloway wrote about music classes. “We are doing Sound Dots in music. As part of learning rhythmic patterns and melodic patterns, students write what they perform on instruments; sometimes called rhythmic or melodic dictation. Third graders made colorful rhythmic patterns and second grade wrote Do Re Mi on staff paper. First grade will take colored markers and respond to music that is staccato (dots!) and legato by drawing designs on the whiteboard.” I was able to visit a second grade class (Mrs. Shapard’s group) as they played a variety of instruments and sang a dot song that had been written by another class.

Making Music with Dots from Trinity Valley School on Vimeo.

Jane Cooper’s 2nd grade class “dotted” the equator and prime meridian on their international maps as they talked about latitude, longitude, and other map skills. Allison Shapard’s 2nd grade class used brightly colored dots to discuss arrays in math.

In the computer lab, the students are using Paint for Windows 7 to see where their dot takes them. I first asked, “Who thinks you are an artist.” Almost all first and second graders raised their hands. As we moved to third and fourth grades, fewer hands went up. That was interesting! Once we started talking about different types of “artists” the children realized the term could cover all kinds of areas – music, photography, sports, even lego-building!

Next, we read The Dot (the big screen, interative version – I highly recommend this one!) then brainstormed what a dot could be with lots of creative answers thrown out. Then the creativity began! Very few finished so we’ll continue next week. I was absolutely amazed at the drawings!

Solar System by Sam (1st grade)

Dog by Eilea (2nd grade)

by Stephen (3rd grade)