Links for writing resources:

  1. The Story Starter, Jr. – generates 729 story starters for children.
  2. Story Kitchen – story starters from author/illustrator Bruce Van Patter (choose hero, place, and villain – Mr. Van Patter writes a beginning and then asks questions so that student finishes the story)
  3. Writing with Writers – Scholastic’s site containing tips from authors for students. 
  4. The Writing Fix – Loaded with information and resources about teaching writing, story prompts of all kinds, book suggestions to use, lesson plans, and much more. (excellent site!!)
  5. Poetry Splatter – from Reading is Fundamental; students choose a topic then click “splat” to get a list of suggested words to fill in blanks to generate a poem. 
  6. Instant Poetry Forms – numerous forms for students to generate poems. 
  7. Concrete Poetry – write a poem using shapes; use pre-selected words or add your own. 
  8. Acrostic Poems – from ReadWriteThink; elements of the writing process are taught as students write their poem.
  9. Diamante Poems – from ReadWriteThink; students add words to form a diamante poem.
  10. Shape Poems – from ReadWriteThink; students write shape poems using 4 themes (nature, school, sports, celebrations). 
  11. Writing Fix Picture Book Prompts – lessons to teach each of the writing traits using picture books
  12. Story Map – from ReadWriteThink; 4 different graphic organizers for story mapping
  13. Scholastic’s Story Starters – generate a story starter and choose the format 
  14. Lesson Plans from Education Northwest – a variety of lesson plans for teaching writing; divided by age 
  15. OWL Six Traits – six traits explained to elementary students; also find poster for each trait and links for students and teachers 

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